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(FSR 39) Reconstruction

Construction continues on the 13-mile stretch of the Wallowa Mountain Loop Road, also known as the North Pine section of Forest Service Road (FSR) 39. The North Pine section begins at the junction of Highway 86 and FSR 39 and heads north for 13 miles on FSR 39 to the junction of FSR 66.

The 13-mile North Pine section of FSR 39 is OPEN for PASSAGE ONLY travel; EXCEPT visitors can expect up to one hour delays in the 13-mile construction zone or use detour route FSR 66. The construction area includes mile each side of FSR 39 in this 13-mile area; and again it is PASSAGE ONLY - no camping, hiking, hunting, firewood cutting, fishing etc. within this area, due to potential safety hazards. Reminder – because this is a construction area possible unforeseen delays may occur at any time.

NOTE: The contractor’s plan at this time is not to work on the weekends or after 6:00 pm so during these times, it’s anticipated there should not be one hour delays. Construction activities will be on-going, so please remind visitors to drive responsibly as they are still travelling in a construction zone. The contractor has until fall 2015 to complete the construction project, which includes paving of the 13-mile section of FSR 39.

Forest Service Road 66, which is the detour route is open and in good condition. This 30-mile detour route is a single-lane gravel road with turnouts. The route is suitable for vehicles with trailers; however it is not recommended for motor homes or motorcycles. FSR 66 begins at the junction of FSR 39 and FSR 66 coming from Joseph, Oregon (also referred to as Duck Creek, Fish Lake Road, Twin Lakes Road, or Clear Creek Road) and continues west then south before connecting with Baker County Road 999, just north of Halfway.

Hurricane Creek Fire Update – July 17, 2014, 9:00 am 

Hurricane Fire Information:  Phone:  541-519-1460 or 541-519-4623 

E-mail:  WallowaWhitman1@gmail.com


Location:  Approximately 4 miles southwest of Joseph, Oregon in the Eagle Cap Wilderness; east of Hurricane Creek and north of Dunn Creek

Detection Date:  July 13, 2014           Cause:  Lightning          Current Size:  120 Acres        Containment:  0%

Management Responsibility:  Willy Crippen's Type 3 Incident Management Team

Management Strategy:  Suppression; minimize area burned while providing for firefighter and public safety


TODAY'S MESSAGE:  One Type 3 helicopter with a 14 person crew will arrive today and be incorporated into the suppression.  Suppression activities on the fire are extremely difficult due to:  very steep terrain that provides minimal helicopter landing sites for transporting crews, limited creek crossing opportunities for crews needing to cross Hurricane Creek to access the fire, and steep, rocky slopes challenging crews hiking to the fire.

The Management Team is working closely with the Oregon Department of Forestry to coordinate protection of private land along Hurricane Creek. 

The Hurricane Creek 2 Fire is located west of Hurricane Creek.  It is being monitored from the air.


YESTERDAY'S ACTIVITIES:  The fire burned actively through the day.  Crews continued to work along the west edge of the fire, improving the line and mopping up hot spots within the fire area.  They also worked the area along the southwest portion where retardant was dropped on Monday to check fire intensity, and scout for additional spots.  Crews mopped up the three acre spot fire north of the main fire.  Two crews brushed out along the Hurricane Creek Road, improving safety for fire equipment and creating a wider fuel break.


TODAY'S PLANNED ACTIVITIES:  Crews will continue line construction and suppression work along the west, north, and south edges of the fire and to mop-up the spot fire just north of the main fire.  Brush out operations along the Hurricane Creek Road will continue.  Fuel reduction work will be done along the Forest Service land boundary east of Hurricane Creek.  Air support will be used, as appropriate, to assist suppression efforts on the fire.  Spot fires in the vicinity of the fire will be monitored.

WEATHER:  The skies will be clear and sunny on Thursday.  Temperatures will be a bit cooler but winds will increase and vary from 8 to 14 out of the west. 

AREA/ROAD CLOSURES:  The Hurricane Creek Trail (#1807) is closed from the Hurricane Creek trailhead near the Falls Creek Forest Camp to the trail's junction with Trail #1824 near Billy Jones Creek. To see the updated closure, visit http://www.fs.usda.gov/wallowa-whitman.

The Hurricane Creek Road is closed to the general public beginning at the Hurricane Creek Grange, due to fire activity in the area and unsafe conditions on the road related to fire incident traffic.  Owners of homes and property along the road will be allowed access. 


FIRE RESTRICTIONS: The Wallowa-Whitman National Forest is currently in a Seasonal Campfire Restriction and at 12:01 a.m. (PDT) on Saturday, July 19, 2014 will go into Phase A of the Public Use Restrictions.  For detailed information about these regulations, visit:  http://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/stelprdb5429097.pdf.

RESOURCES ASSIGNED TO THE FIRE:  Currently 96 people are assigned to this fire including 12 smoke jumpers, 4 helitac crew, 4 district fire personnel, 2 Type 2 crews, and other support personnel. Also 1 Type 1 and 1 Type 3 helicopter are assigned to the fire.  A Type 1 crew has been ordered.

Hell’s Canyon Shuttle, Inc. is a family owned business and has been providing the rafting community of Hell’s Canyon dependable shuttle service for over 25 years.  We provide shuttles from  Hell’s Canyon Dam to Pittsburg Landing, Heller Bar or Dug Bar.

If you’re planning a rafting trip down the scenic Snake River and are in need of a shuttle please call or email us and we will be happy to assist you in making your shuttle arrangements.

We at Hells Canyon Shuttle want you to know that our drivers are mature folk, usually retired from their life's work. This is a supplemental income, and they do their best for our company as in today’s economy, we could all use an extra dollar.  We all travel together during the shuttle and have a lead driver with our chase van behind shuttle cars. ALL drivers follow the lead. They cannot pass, smoke, have any beverages, food, or baggage in your vehicle.

When fueling, they get two receipts, one for you and one for the office staff. All change is left in the envelope. They carry only their drivers license and try not to disturb your belongings in the vehicle. Please note, they may move something if it distracts them from their driving, as in moving objects on the dash, seat, or floor board. They may cover items up with anything available in your vehicle to limit visibility at any destination. If you would care to leave them a note to dispose of any items for you, please let them know.

  • If you are tipping the driver, please let them know the money is theirs, as they will not take any unless noted.
  • Hells Canyon Shuttle is only as good as our drivers make us.
  • Please contact Scott, Pete, Jen, or Diana at the office for any problems that arise.

Have a great trip, and thank you for the business.


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